Can it really be three years already?

It’s been almost three years since I moved to Eastport and I re-read last year’s thoughts on life in Downeast Maine.  My opinion hasn’t changed one iota, so I haven’t changed the wording except to change “two years” to “three years.”

Three years ago I moved to true DownEast Maine and have never looked back.  This is a region of wild beauty:  woodlands teeming with moose, bobcats and deer and where sighting bald eagles soaring overhead is nearly a daily occurence.

Islands, coves, shingle beaches and deep water where one can watch whales cruise and seals play.  A place where fishing boats outnumber pleasure boats and the number of snow storms is predicted by the number of foggy days in August.

DownEast Maine is populated with the friendliest people:  heavily accented locals living side by side with PFA’s (“people from away”).   Jobs are scarce, cost of living is high and payscales low.   People believe in helping one another get through the seemingly endless “hard times”.  Broken down on the side of the road?  Wait 60 seconds and someone will stop and help you out.  Someone in your family sick?  Just wait and see if they don’t come to your aid…because they will.

This is where I chose to live and I love my new home, the good and the not so good.  Moving DownEast isn’t for everyone (a common saying is “We may not live at the end of the earth, but you sure can see it from here”).   For those of us who have chosen to make our lives here, there is no place else we’d rather be.


13 responses to “Can it really be three years already?

  1. I really enjoyed your story about Midge. I had a kitten years ago that did the very same thing, ran with the toilet paper, ruined my curtains, would knock down baskets off the wall and destroy them, I had her spayed and it all ended..She all of a sudden became a calm kitten. Before that she was the kitten from hell when we weren home.

    I love Maine. I spent all my summers up there from the time I was 5 until I was 18 in Milbridge. It is very beautiful up there, I have not been there in 14 years but would love to go back again. I know live in AL/FL far cry from Down East. If it werent for the cold long winters I would move up there in a heartbeat.

    Good luck with your cat and living Down East.


  2. Thanks, Pam! Midge defintely settled down once neutered but he still has a crazy streak. Millbridge is a great town, come back and visit soon!

  3. Great blog- please keep sharing your stories, crafts, recipes and observations!

  4. Well, thank you, it’s always nice to hear people enjoy my blog!

  5. Well, I am glad to find your site. I am living in the “heart of darkness” at least it often seems so. We did not intend to be here for ever but at times it is hard to tolerate the narrow thinking and the prejudice (ironically much of which comes from people who moved here from the most liberal and tolerant of places).

    I look forward to reading more about your experiences.

  6. Onedia, come Downeast and leave the “heart of darkness”…you’d love it here!

  7. Well, in fact we are looking at places to relocate and Maine is high on the list. We like cool summers and don’t mind snow in payment for the summers. I miss the smell of the sea and the green we had in Portland, Oregon.

    We are planning /hoping to come for a month when we can. Probably not until august. We would love an old farmhouse with a big gambrel barn for sweet man to have for his wood shop studio. But we really want a nice town that is walkable with friendly people …some culcha would be nice.

    Got any recommendations…

    Do you have mosquitos downeast.

  8. There are many places in Maine that would be wonderful but much would depend on what one can afford. A very very important aspect is work and whether you need employment. You may have inspired me to write a post for those considering a move Downeast. I’ll have to get on that soon.
    Or if you want to contact me privately, there’s a “Contact” area on my homepage. I could answer specific questions you may have.

    No mosquitoes in Eastport (and no black flies either)!

  9. I just found your blog and love it so far. I just started my own, “Letters From Away,” about being a native Mainer living elsewhere. I grew up in Portage (Aroostook County), but have lived on the Left Coast the past 26 years or so. Keep it up! And I’ll be back for ideas on how to improve my own blog.

  10. Hi Keith,
    Thanks for commenting and I’m going to try and be better about keeping mine up to date.
    In the meantime, I’m headed over to your blog to have a look around!

  11. Congrats !!! on so many things.

    First and foremost……….It’s terrific to see you posting again.

    Kudos on your education successes and “parlor” improvements.

    Are you back working or continuing education?

    You’ll see on my Website [my space page] my latest update on heart transplant inquiries.

    Best regards,


  12. William Saunders

    Enjoyed reading this site.

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