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One in a Million

Update:  I found out on April 7, 2010 that the blue lobster is headed back to Quoddy Bay Lobster and will be residing in one of their tanks, so be sure to check him out if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

I’ve been ridiculously neglectful as of late.  Since being laid off from my job, I’ve returned to school full time and am loving it, although it keeps me very, very busy.

Anyway, the other morning while walking my naughty little terrier, one of the lobstermen wanted to show me what they’d pulled out of a trap the previous day. 

lobster 001

Blue lobster

lobster 003

Isn't he gorgeous?

Blue lobsters are very rare indeed; supposedly one out of every million is blue due to a genetic mutation involving a complicated explanation about various proteins. 

It’s actually the second blue lobster I’ve seen from the guys at Quoddy Bay Lobster here in Eastport, but this one is so brilliant, I had to share him with you.

This little guy is going to live out his days in an aquarium somewhere yet to be determined.  And in case you’re wondering, blue lobsters don’t stay blue when cooked, so hang up your claw crackers and put the butter back in the fridge!

lobster 002