Predicting Snow 2010

One of my favorite places to spend part of my morning is at Wilson’s Wharf talking to the lobstermen who always have a tale to tell.  They told me about a woman in Lubec who has for decades predicted the number of snow storms with startling accuracy.

How does she do it?  By counting the number of foggy days in the month of August.  Every foggy day is supposed to equate to a storm in the coming winter.

Last August (2008) I kept a tally of foggy days and wound up with 16 and we had 17 snowy days that winter.  Not too shabby, eh?  In 2009 I tallied 11 foggy days and we had 12 snowy days.

Just like last  year, a “C” on a given date means clear weather and “F” will denote a foggy day.  However, this year I’ll keep track of days that remain foggy; is there a chance that  an all day fog eventually becomes a snow storm?  All day fog is noted as “ADF.”

August 2010 



Tue Wed




1  C 2   C 3  C 4  F 5  ADF 6    F 7C
8 C 9 F 10 F 11C 12 C 13 C 14 C
15 C 16   F 17 F 18 F 19 C 20 ADF 21 C
22C 23 C 24C 25 C 26 ADF 27C 28C

29C                     30 C               31 C

10 foggy days should turn out to be 10 days with snowfall.  Four of the ten days were all day fog; I guess we’ll see if all day fog translates into all day snow!

Days with snow: 2


4 responses to “Predicting Snow 2010

  1. Thomas, Doubting

    Fog, shmog! I’m not buying it.
    Unless it’s bog fog, all you’ve
    got is a Coswell cog and that
    ain’t no Spacely sprocket, dog.

  2. As always, thanks for your input, Mr. Gloom. I think you are in need of a phone call from Moose Island.

  3. I counted 12 in My Illinois town. Been doing this for about 16 years. I alway about right,maybe one or 2 off. Found this in a foxfire book .

  4. So there is truth to this! Thanks for commenting, Janice.

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