Downeast Trivia

Downeast Maine is truly a wonder but did you know….?

Washington County has the highest tides in the continental U.S.

The “Old Sow” (Eastport) is the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere

At 3,255 square miles, Washington County is bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined

Washington County is the world’s largest blueberry producer (30 million pounds on average per year)

The first naval battle of the Revolutionary War took place in Machias when the British war ship “Margaretta” was captured in June 1775.

Maine was part of Massachusetts until 1820

The sun rises first in Washington County (aka Sunrise County)

In Perry you can stand at the 45th parallel which is exactly half way between the North Pole and the Equator

Eastport was the second busiest port in the US (second to New York) in the 19th century

West Quoddy Head Light (Lubec) was one of the designs considered for the Maine state quarter

The Allen Wrench was patented in 1888 by George Allen of Cherryfield

The Lubec Channel Lighthouse (also called the “sparkplug”) is one of three remaining cast iron lighthouses in Maine


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