How To Make Honey Butter

Relatively expensive to buy, ridiculously easy to make!


Honey Butter

1 stick butter (margarine works too)

1/4 Cup honey


Soften the butter at room temperature.  Resist the urge to soften in the  microwave because it doesn’t turn out very well.

Put softened butter into a medium sized bowl and add the honey.  Using a hand mixer, beat on high speed.  The butter will, after about 1 minute, clump into a ball.

Spread on toast, biscuits, pancakes or use it to carmelize onions.  Delish!



10 responses to “How To Make Honey Butter

  1. Neighbor Nancy

    Great tip!
    After our maple harvest, we do the same thing with maple syrup.
    Oh dear, you have made me very hungry.
    Worst part is…. the sap is not syrup yet and I used the end of the honey this week, making Philadelphia sticky buns.

  2. Oh, maple butter! Sticky buns! Now we’re *both* , hungry! Thanks for commenting, Nancy…

  3. Neighbor Nancy

    I just posted the stick bun recipe here. Just for you.

    You inspired me this morning. I was shot from the canning and beginner bread posts.
    I gotta go check my maple lines. It is very cold here today.

  4. Oh, my hips and I thank you! Can’t wait to give them a try…Now if I can just locate my lemon extract. Cold here today too with snow,sleet and freezing rain on the way.

  5. OMG!!! My own honey butter. I am so NEVER going to lose weight. I can’t wait to try this. Going to the store TODAY!! Honey butter here I come.

  6. Niki, you crack me up. Slather that butter all over everything!

  7. To your honey butter, add about 1 TBSP of fresh orange zest, and maybe 1 TSP of juice squeezed from the orange. A few pinches of chopped fresh basil & you’re done, with a whole new kind of treat.

  8. I’ll have to try that; it would certainly give honey butter a whole new taste!
    Thanks for stopping by~

  9. How do I can honey butter for a longer shelf life….?

  10. Kinda making Honey worse for you, don’t you think?

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