Festival of Lights (Eastport, Maine)

Santa Claus chose one of the coldest nights in December to pay a visit to the children of Eastport.  He came with Mrs. Claus, elves, Frosty, students from Shead High School, and the Husson University Boat School.

Santa visits Eastport

Santa visits Eastport

Shead Class of 2011

Shead Class of 2011


Santa's Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper


People gathered around barrels to warm their hands by the fire and lend an ear to the  musicians who braved the frigid temperatures to sing Christmas carols.


Eventually even Santa had enough of the December chill and he dashed away to Peavey Library to sit fireside with more than 150 children and adults from Eastport, Pleasant Point, Pembroke, Perry, and other surrounding towns. 


 Patrons of the library brought snacks and cocoa for everyone ( I was spotted at the buffet on more than one occasion) and as I sat eating one feta truffle too many, I stared at the organized chaos.

I watched the rapt faces of the children and their proud parents and saw  the smiles of those  whose children have long since grown.

 I laughed at Santa who was having his lap worn out ( I just know there will be a lump of coal for me on Christmas morning). 

I thought about the Shead High School students who weren’t too “cool” to participate in a Christmas parade.

I considered the unique character of Eastport and the generous, open hearts of the people who breathe life into this little city and I wondered:  do they really know how special they are?


Happy Holidays from Downeast Maine!


8 responses to “Festival of Lights (Eastport, Maine)

  1. Happy Holidays! I have been wondering how much snow you’ve had this year. Here in Houston we had 2-3 inches (our earliest) and first in four years. Looks like Eastport had a lovely parade with many brave souls.

    • Let’s see: we had several snow falls that may have accumulated 2″ all told. The rains and warm weather took what little we had, so it’s bare ground here. Snow on the way tonight though!

  2. Thanks for the great holiday pictures. However, the smiles were out-numbered by … ummm … non-smiles. During my visit to Eastport this year (September) I smiled the entire time because of the fantastically beautiful spot on earth that you all reside. And, besides, from my perspective … you’re living in the banana belt! Enjoy …

  3. johnnie 'jingles bells' johnson

    but yuz don’t have to call me johnson…
    ~a very merry to all @ LDE.

  4. These innertubes are something. Come across the peculiarest things. Need thumbs or elbows?
    Email me , if so.

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