Standing Lamp Gets A Makeover


I paid a visit to a friend and immediately noticed a new pendant lamp hanging over a kitchen workspace.

“Cool lamp, ” I said.  “Where did you get it?  Is it new?”

Sue (one of those outrageously clever people who from time to time bring out the little green monster in me) crowed with delight, “Nah!  I made it.  It used to be a standing lamp.”

After checking it out, I decided I had the perfect lamp for just such a project.  A Walmart lamp I must have needed desperately at some point and was inexplicably still kicking around.

So simple and infinitely clever (thank you , Sue).

Here’s the before picture:




Please make certain the lamp is unplugged and unscrew the lamp where it meets the long skinny pole support.   The cord runs through the pole; gently pull the cord out as far as it will go.  You can’t pull it completely out because the plug will not fit through the base.

I used a pair of wire cutters to cut cleanly through the cord just above the plug.  Pull the rest of the cord out of the pole support.  It should look something like this:


 I took the decapitated plug to the hardware store and asked for help finding a replacement plug to fit this particular sized lamp cord.  Follow the manufacturer’s directions for attaching the new cord. 

I installed a heavy duty hook into a ceiling joist by using a stud finder.  I passed the cord through the hook, hung the lamp from said hook,  and plugged it in to a nearby outlet.



A serious improvement on one very ugly standing lamp, wouldn’t you agree?


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