The Best Kept Secret In Salt Water Camping

View from a campsite

View from a campsite

I spent a sunny, glorious Sunday at Cobscook Bay State Park in Edmunds, Maine.    As their brochure says, it’s “ideal for the camper seeking solitude and beautiful scenery.”

With 888 acres to explore, there is no shortage of hikes to take, beaches to comb and rocks to climb.

Cobscook Bay State Park is home to over 200 species of birds, including the American Bald Eagle. 

The camp sites are very private and secluded and they allow tents, campers and even have five Adirondack shelters for rent.

While out walking the miles of trails and gravel roads past meadows, through forests, and along the shore, I encountered a camper, Todd, who was spending the weekend at the park with his wife and two daughters.  Todd explained he grew up in the area and now lives in Orono but he returns to Cobscook Bay State Park to relax with his family.

As Todd put it, Cobscook State Park is “the best kept secret in salt water camping.”  He pointed out where all campers can, at no cost, dig for soft shell clams at a beach located on the grounds.  One peck of clams is allowed per person (and that’s a lot of clams). 

Todd went on to say that there are very few campgrounds right on the ocean and Cobscook is one of the best.

Cobscook State Park is open for camping from May 15 through October 15.  Day passes are available at a cost of $3 per person.  Renting a campsite will cost Maine residents $15 per night and non-residents can expect to pay $26 per night.  Dogs are allowed provided they are kept on a 4 foot leash.

The park is impressive in its beauty and its desire to allow campers their privacy. 

Fresh water, bathrooms and showers are available; they are abundant and well placed throughout the park.

There’s also a playground for children and the park has volleyballs, horseshoes and other games on hand for campers to use.

The park is serene, well kept, and impressive.  Without a doubt, Cobscook Bay State Park is the best kept secret in salt water camping.

You can make reservations on line: or by calling 207-726-4412.

View from a hiking trail

View from a hiking trail

Meadows with the ocean beyond

Meadows with the ocean beyond


5 responses to “The Best Kept Secret In Salt Water Camping

  1. Hiya,
    I found your site while searching for info on Cobscook Bay State Park, and have enjoyed reading it –especially about Midge!

    Cobscook is my favorite park and I’ll be camping there again in August and will enjoy a visit to Eastport after reading your blog.

  2. Thanks for writing, Ali. There are some great places in this area. Shackford Head is great hiking, the oldest remaining (could be the only remaining) cold process mustard mill is in Eastport and the nation’s oldest ship chandlery. Take any of the ferries to Deer Island(CA), Campobello Island (CA) and Lubec has a ferry now too. Keep your eyes open, you just may see Midge out and about, trailing behind my yippy terrier and me!

  3. My father and mother used to live in Lubec, (my mother hated it, she’s a city girl, i think my father would still live there if it weren’t for his elderly parents)
    i’ve been there only once (just after the cannery closed- it was a cannery, right?)
    we visited some friends there, and camped in Cobscook bay campground- i’ll never forget that trip, my 7 year old daughter has been hearing stories about it, now she’s begging me for a trip to Lubec and Cobscook bay. she even knows which campsite she wants.

    do you need a passport to go to Campobello or Deer island?

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