USS Hawes, Eastport Maine

  The USS Hawes was a very popular post this week, so in the interest of keeping my readers happy, here are some photos of the men and women of the USS Hawes participating in the July 4th events in Eastport, Maine.  (and to the reader who wanted to know how long the Hawes would be in port:  I was told by an officer they will be departing Eastport on Sunday, July 6).

Thank you to all aboard the Hawes for helping to make Eastport’s 4th spectacular!


Marching in Eastport\'s parade

Marching in Eastport\

“Team Hawes” readies for the firemen’s muster


 The USS Hawes at the breakwater (Eastport Maine)

Being cheered and thanked by the crowd in patriotic Eastport.


12 responses to “USS Hawes, Eastport Maine

  1. What a beautiful 4th of July post and photos.

    JJ 😀

  2. livingdowneast

    Thank you, JJ!

  3. Awsome photos! The USS Hawes made this 4th of July just as awsome!

  4. livingdowneast

    Thanks, Brandi, I appreciate the compliment and yes, they really did make the 4th special!

  5. wonderful picture
    SKC McDermott
    misses his ship.

  6. I had supper on the Hawes the night of the 4th and I can see why he would miss it, Marla.

  7. I am a sailor aboard the Hawes. I must say I had a great time in Eastport when we were there. I know its been a while but I would love to hear from anyone who remembers our visit in July. Contact me at

  8. Helen in Seattle

    My son was there with the USS HAWES. I’m glad the town of Eastport welcomed our sailors and had a wonderful July 4, 2008. I live in Seattle now, but am a born Yankee and I remember very special July 4ths as a child; I only hope many fond memories were made last year with the Hawes folks!

  9. Thanks for stopping by, Helen. You must be very proud of your son and all the men and women on the Hawes.
    We enjoy hosting them and they had a great time here; hopefully they can return again soon!

  10. I was on Hawes when we visited Eastport in 1999. It was a great few days and one of many fond memories I have of my 4 years on that ship.

    • Hi Anthony- We didn’t have a Navy ship this year and it certainly felt different over the 4th. It’s always a great time when sailors are here! Thanks for commenting-

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