A Pale Moon Rising

To the Lovers (you know who you are)

rising in the half light
the beach to cover as the tide
comes rushing in

white metal
wet from damp
legs on dashboard and a pale moon rising
love or lust
golden sun
who knows what brought her
to her knees

faces turn
only he knows
what made the moon rise again


Okay, Shakespeare I’m not,  but I couldn’t let this morning’s eyeful go without comment (I love blogging).

Up bright and early (4: 30 a.m), my faithful canine and I set off on a jaunt to the beach with Midge not far behind.  Through the mist I could barely make out a parked car. 

“Someone fishing,” I thought.

I thought wrong.

As I ambled down the path, I could hear music emanating from the car.  Soft, yet carrying through the silence of the morning.

I glanced to my right, saw a young man and woman enganged in (gasp!) SEX in the front seat.  No voyeur, I laughed and continued on.

On my return, I realized that with the slope of the path coming off the beach, I had no choice but to pass the car and would get a full view of Romeo and Juliet. 

They both turned and saw me, and bless his heart, Romeo didn’t miss a stroke (what a guy!).

Ahhh, the lure of outdoor sex. And why not? According to Nine Unique Places to Have Sex, five out of the nine “most unique” places to get naked is outside.   Most of us have done it at least once or twice but it was about the last thing I expected to see at the crack of dawn (no pun intended).

So to the young couple:  I know you thought you’d have privacy and  I’m sorry to have intruded on your passion, but isn’t it nice that your moment has been immortalized forever?



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