July 4th – Downeast Style

Downeast 4th of JulyReferred to only as “the 4th”, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that July 4th is a very big deal in Downeast Maine. 

Eastport, the easternmost city in the U.S.,  boasts the largest 4th of July festival in the state of Maine.  For a list of events click here

A group of dedicated souls spend the better part of a year planning the festivities.  Parades, a circus, cod fish races, live music, events for the kids and even a good old fashioned blueberry pie eating contest are on tap for this year (but there’s plenty more to do and see).  There’s way too much to list here because the events continue for a week.

Every year a U.S. Navy vessel makes an appearance (this year it’s the USS Hawes)  and the sailors participate in it all, right down to taking on the local Eastporters in friendly games of basketball and volleyball.  Tours of the Navy ship are available for those who want to imagine the daily life of the men and women who serve our country.

Eastport is in its glory over the 4th and the houses are decked out in patriotic finery:  American flags snap in the breeze, buntings decorate porches, and red, white and blue flowers spill from tubs and flower boxes. 

In case you doubt this is serious business, there’s a house that proudly displays a clock which counts down the days, hours and minutes until the 4th finally arrives.

Accomodations for the 4th are booked a year (maybe more) in advance and the homes in Eastport are filled to capacity with friends and relatives “from away” who don’t want to miss being a part of the spectacular show that is Eastport. 

It’s worth the trip from anywhere, so come Downeast and check it out


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