Ghost Stories Downeast

It seems as if everyone in Downeast Maine has had a run-in with ghosts.  In fact, you’re considered odd if your house isn’t haunted.  From strange voices coming from a falling down old fish cannery to closet doors that fly open, it seems as if everybody’s got a story to tell….myself included.

The odd noises started shortly after I moved in to my new home.   Loud crashes but nothing knocked over or out of place.  My dog would wake up and wildly bark at nothing. 

Now I am the type who has an explanation for everything but as the weeks passed it became harder and harder to explain away the things that were happening.

One evening last July,  I had six people over for supper and as we all sat around the diningroom table, we clearly heard what sounded like someone walking down the stairs.  We all sat quietly, eyes wide open, as we heard what can only be described as the front door slamming shut.  The door slamming shut would have been easy to explain if it had been open in the first place.   I looked at my guests, shifted uneasily in my chair and asked, “Did anyone else hear that?”

The mystery “person” coming down the stairs didn’t happen once or twice.  Over the summer it was a fairly regular occurrence.  Sad to say, I almost became used to it, but it was always interesting to watch the reactions of those who hadn’t before experienced my “ghost”.

My father spent a week here and woke up one morning to discover all his keys had been removed from his key ring and all the keys laid neatly on the bedside table.  I was certain I hadn’t touched the keys, and judging by the look on my father’s face, he didn’t think it was too funny.

Almost shamefacedly, I began telling some of my new Downeast friends about the goings on and much to my surprise they didn’t laugh or poke fun.  Instead, they looked at me with that blase Downeast expression and asked me what made me think I wouldn’t have ghosts.  As one friend put it, “We’ve all got them”.

One friend gleefully told me about the “man” who lives on the second story of her house who she calls “Sam”.  Apparently one  evening she had a friend over and was showing this friend how she was remodeling the second floor bedrooms. 

 As the visitor followed along, she started having difficulty breathing and blamed her difficulties on a cat allergy.  My friend being the understanding type, suggested they go back downstairs where her visitor wasn’t having any issues with the cats and their never ending supply of hair.

The next day, my friend received a phone call from her visitor who was very freaked out because she had bruises, like finger marks, around her neck. 

I can’t help but wonder what would make Downeast Maine a hotbed of paranormal activity but around here ghosts – or ghost stories – abound.

Thankfully, my house has quieted down for the most part, but every once in a while someone will ask about my ghostly housemate and relate to me another eerie story of spirits who don’t seem to want to give up their homes in Downeast Maine. 

I am hard at work compiling ghost stories from Downeast Maine.  Many of these stories will be told by different owners of the same houses (my house included), so stay tuned….


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