Scented drawer liners

Today started out foggy and gloomy (although I do admit I love the sound of foghorns) so I decided to haul out my sewing machine and get creative.  It relaxes me to make things for my home to give it that special touch without spending a fortune. 

 While checking on my current batch of beach rose potpourri  I got it into my head to make fabric  drawer liners stuffed with lavender to keep my clothes smelling wonderful.  I ordered a pound of lavender blossoms from an online supplier, measured the inside dimensions of my dresser drawers, and then hit the fabric store.

I bought ordinary muslin and cut 6 pieces of fabric to size (the dresser has 3 drawers),  cut velcro to fit the length of the fabric and then sewed the velcro to the inside/wrong side of the fabric.  Then, wrong sides facing out, I sewed the remaining 3 sides together.  I turned the fabric right side out and the velcro did its thing. 

 Next I top stitched 4 little compartments along the width of the fabric to serve as “pockets” to hold the lavender blossoms.  The pockets will keep the lavender from bunching up on one end.

 Now I will just wait patiently for the lavender to arrive and when it does, I will fill each pocket with blossoms, velcro the liners shut, and place in my dresser drawers.  I think these would make great gifts and the next time I make them I will use a decorative fabric instead.


One response to “Scented drawer liners

  1. You should change your name to Martha! I wish I had the motivation to do half the stuff you do.

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